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It's ACA compliance software that does the heavy lifting — automatically.
Track Employee hours
during specific measurement periods outlined in the law.

Manage changes
in eligibility and part-time/full-time status.

Manage measurement periods
for tracking employee hours.

Affordability testing
for Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) and Minimum Actuarial Value (MAV).

Auto filing
of IRS reports.
The 90-day Waiting Period
The 90-day Waiting Period:
BeneTrac automatically manages these periods
so you stay within the law.
Analysis and Monitoring
Analysis and Monitoring:
track employee hours to determine eligibility.
Affordability Assessment
Affordability Assessment:
We use all three affordability safe harbors
to compare your current health insurance coverage
data against your full-time employees' wage data.
W-2 Reporting
W-2 Reporting:
We speed up the calculation of the true monthly premiums
to avoid year-end surprises and costly reconciliations.
Summary of Benefits and Coveragen
Summary of Benefits and Coverage:
(SBC) documents made available to
enrollees, beneficiaries, and participants
Declined Benefits Reporting
Declined Benefits Reporting:
BeneTrac provides a system-generated
report to help clients track employees getting coverage elsewhere.
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