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It’s open enrollment time! That’s music to your ears, right? If you’re managing employee benefits on paper, or relying on a clunky or outdated system, then it might not be.

Change your tune with benefits administration software

During open enrollment, a number of factors and issues converge on HR all at once. And many parts of open enrollment can seem tedious and frustrating to professionals and teams.

  • You might find yourself having to chase down employees to make sure they renew their plans.
  • Meanwhile, the amount of data entry associated with open enrollment can be overwhelming—especially if you’re already managing a pretty full plate.
  • Then comes the onslaught of questions from employees, each tagged URGENT in your inbox.   

So, what can help simplify open enrollment for you? One answer is employee benefits administration software.

Benefits administration software is designed to help you:

  • Avoid process-oriented bottlenecks
  • Automate data entry
  • Empower employees to find answers on their own.

Below, we’ve highlighted two steps that benefits administration software helps you take toward improving your open enrollment process.

With employee benefits administration software such as BeneTrac, you can set alerts for employees, rather than having to track them down before the enrollment window closes. That’s just one of the many features designed to simplify the process. Request a demo, and discover more.

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See how benefits administration software can help

You don’t have to dread open enrollment and renewals. Benefits administration software can help you streamline the process, increase employee engagement, save time and more.

Here are two steps that administration software can help you take:

  • Make it easier for employees to access their information through self-service portals.

Employees like to pick up the phone, or send an email when they have a question about benefits. But that’s not always an option in some companies. Plus, even if it is possible in your organization, when you’re busy balancing other tasks, it’s not always easy to reply. This can be frustrating for an employee waiting for answers.

Your benefits administration software can create a smooth, streamlined experience that supports employees as they decide what to do.

  • Employee portals and easy-to-navigate menus can empower employees to research, compare, and select their benefits.
  • They can log into benefits administration software anytime via an internet connection.
  • They can access their plan and benefit details, and also confirm the details by electronic signature.
  • Some solutions even let them enroll online, without getting help from HR.

Get more out of how you track, manage, and use data

Are you still using a paper system to manage benefits administration, or an electronic system that doesn’t play well with other HR tools? If so, then you already know how time-consuming it can be to manually enter mountains of data every time employees need to renew or enroll in benefits.

Benefits administration software can help you:

  • Determine eligibility and effective dates automatically. This can save you administrative time, decrease data entry, and improve data accuracy.
  • View accurate records that include point-in-time, historical details concerning user updates.
  • Utilize analytics and data to create reports by department, location, division, or other categories. These reports can help leaders make informed decisions when it’s time to update plan details.
  • Store documents and electronic signatures in a secure, centralized platform. This automatically creates an audit trail when you need it, and helps minimize the chance of documents getting lost, or being left incomplete.

Remember, open enrollment shouldn't be the only time of year when you talk about benefits.

Ideally, your benefits program is something that employees, HR, and leaders discuss and review on an ongoing basis. This is especially true in a competitive hiring environment, where benefits programs can be a powerful recruitment and retention tool.

Some companies write about employee benefits regularly in their employee newsletter, or on an internal blog.

As you discuss benefits with your employees, remind them to take advantage of plans that will fit their current and future needs. And encourage them to use your benefits administration software.

As an integrated, cloud-based solution, BeneTrac supports employees and HR teams with a full suite of services, including one point of data entry to manage company benefits. Contact a BeneTrac representative today to learn more.

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