Not a cluster of legacy solutions, Paychex Flex® is a fresh approach to HCM.

A Comprehensive HCM Platform

Paychex Flex is a comprehensive HCM platform with all the record keeping, analysis, and reporting required by the Affordable Care Act. With service options that include anytime call/chat and the ability to add a dedicated payroll specialist, a multi-product service team, and senior relationship managers

It's a model that reflects the Paychex commitment to proactive client assistance - and offers seamless interactivity across a platform of robust HCM applications.


  • Recruiting & Applicant Tracking

    Drive the hiring process. Create and approve job openings.  Publish to career sites, job boards, social media, and more.

  • Human Resources Information System (HRIS)

    Manage custom employee, company, and compliance documents. Create compensation summaries. Administer performance reviews.

  • Time & Attendance

    Select flexible punch options, including touch screen, HID, and biometric clocks.

  • Hiring & Onboarding

    Achieve a digital stream of employee data, including pre-employment and background screenings.

  • Benefits Administration

    Get BeneTrac functionality—including extensive ACA record keeping and IRS filing.

  • Payroll Administration

    Choose from traditional paper checks, direct deposit, or a flexible debit card for employees. Pay and file federal, state, and local taxes.

  • Retirement

    View plan documents, investments, performance, billing, compliance test results, and more.

Paychex Flex streamlines recruiting, compensation and performance measurement.


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