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At BeneTrac, our success has come from truly listening to our customers and putting solutions in place that make their jobs easier. We hold our services to the highest standards and make it a top priority for our clients to step into true efficiency at an affordable cost. Learn more from our clients about how BeneTrac has brought efficiencies, convenience, and savings to their employee benefit administration systems.

"I love BeneTrac. It is one of my favorite tools, and makes my life much easier. I get everything I need in one place. It's lovely!"

Jean Schoy HR Manager/Applied Thin-Film Products

"GlobalEnglish has used BeneTrac for over two years and we're very pleased with the service. It has helped the GlobalEnglish Human Resources group significantly reduce the use of paper forms for new employees, changes and terminations. The direct electronic feeds to our insurance carriers ensure accuracy of the information. Any updates to our website are taken care of very quickly by our BeneTrac team."

Carla Klein Human Resources Generalist/GlobalEnglish

"I love it. I just really do. It is so easy to use, so user friendly. I love the audit, which confirms everything is as it should be. It's a very useful program. I would not change a thing."

Lisa Russell HR manager/Gallaher & Associates, Inc.

"As a multi-state employer of over 400 employees at seven locations, we have saved a huge amount of time with BeneTrac. For open enrollment alone, BeneTrac has helped us to greatly reduce administration by up to three to four days per market in interfacing with payroll, carriers, and billing. It also regularly saves us time on reviewing bills and charges, and gives employees a great audit trail to see exactly what they enrolled in, who was enrolled, when it was approved, when it went to the carrier, etc. As Corporate Controller and Director of HR, I rely on tools like BeneTrac to help me make the most of my time."

Jasmin Dorismond Corporate Controller and Director of Human Resources/Lotus Communications Corp.

"The best online system I use. Really easy to navigate through. I love it."

Melissa Downs Administrative Coordinator/Community Catalyst of California

"BeneTrac has been a big help for us. With our operations in Guam and the mainlands, BeneTrac has been instrumental in terms of managing multiple plans and job sites throughout different time zones. Before, we experienced late enrollments and cancellations for a variety of reasons but mostly due to poor paperwork flows. With BeneTrac, we can easily approve benefit updates or termination of benefits, and send them off to carriers with a push of a button. We can even terminate employee plans to the carrier and the third party COBRA administrator all with one click of the mouse. BeneTrac helps us to ensure accuracy and to cut down on costly billing errors."

Christine Halvorson HR Manager/Agbayani Construction Corporation

"We have used BeneTrac for several years now and we love it. Open enrollment is always very smooth. I've told my boss we can never get rid of BeneTrac, you guys are great!"

Melinda Shafran HR Generalist/Melinda Shafran, HR Generalist

"Before we started using BeneTrac, we had to rely on faxing the open enrollment or changes to benefit plans. It was a guessing game to make sure forms were clear enough and would go through. Now that we have been using BeneTrac, I feel much more efficient, and the work is done in a consistent and timely manner. On the rare occasion I have an issue, all I have to do is contact them, and I not only have a quick reply, but also a solution. I couldn't live without BeneTrac!"

Ana Reyes Benefits Coordinator/Forest Lawn

"BeneTrac has been a big time saver for us in managing and automating benefits information online. Just one example is that in the past I had to log into two or three individual websites to change an employee address, plus send an email or two, and check the websites again to make sure the change was approved. Now, with BeneTrac, I can make the change one time and know it will be done correctly. The efficiency of doing everything in one place has greatly reduced time and the amount of paper we use."

Barbara E. Wilson Human Resources Manager/Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP

"I have been working in HR for 20 years and administering benefits for most of that time, and I have to say, I love the BeneTrac system. Everyone is so great to work with, very responsive, I couldn't ask for anything more!"

Randey Arnold-Kraft Director of Human Resources/EVEO

"Before BeneTrac, we had to deal with manually filling out documents, faxing papers to the carriers and tracking the process along the way. It was extremely tactical and paper intensive. Now that we've been using BeneTrac for the last few years, I love the automation, self-service, accuracy and efficiency BeneTrac provides."

Laura Martinez Senior Manager of Global HR/Efficient Frontier

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