How secure is my data in BeneTrac?

BeneTrac has sophisticated physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online. Within the system, data security measures include 128 Bit Encryption of any data that is transmitted over the Internet, Secure Socket Layers (SSL), user name and password access, each page and session user verification, and firewall technology.

What types of plans can be set up on BeneTrac?

BeneTrac recognizes the end user's need for a system to manage all the benefits offered by an employer, not just those specific to one insurance carrier. BeneTrac brings timesaving management for multiple medical carriers as well as other employee benefits such as dental, vision, life, and short and long-term disability plans. For Section 125 and 401(k) plans, there is limited functionality available, and they also are part of the BeneTrac scope.

Does BeneTrac manage eligibility?

BeneTrac accurately calculates eligibility and effective dates for new hires according to each group's unique eligibility rules. Employees are only offered benefit plans for which they qualify, and only for the appropriate effective date.

What kind of changes can I make through the BeneTrac system?

In addition to new hires and terminations, BeneTrac supports the various life events of employees and their families such as changes in marital status, adding or deleting dependents, or changes of address.

Can I allow employees to access and view their benefit selections?

Human resources can authorize employees to access their own records in the system to review benefit descriptions and enroll in benefit plans. They can also make changes to their demographic information and add or delete dependents.

Human resources is the gatekeeper with ultimate control of all data, including enrollments, terminations and demographic changes. HR must approve all transactions before being transmitted to the carrier.

What carriers does BeneTrac work with?

BeneTrac can accommodate all carriers. Most groups over 250 employees can be electronically connected, and many carriers agree to receive electronic data from smaller groups as well. When a carrier is unable to connect electronically, BeneTrac deploys several creative workarounds including our proprietary BeneGraph® solution.

What size groups does BeneTrac serve?

While BeneTrac can accommodate companies of all sizes, many of our customer groups are those with 100-5,000 employees.

Is there a confirmation that a change has been applied at the carrier?

As a free service to our clients, BeneTrac analysts will regularly audit carrier billings and compare it with the enrollment data in the system to insure accuracy of the carrier invoices. Any discrepancies will be brought to the attention of the group administrator.

What types of reports are available from BeneTrac?

BeneTrac's standard reports are the result of extensive feedback from benefit administrators. These include audit reports, tools to reconcile carrier billings, employee directories, enrollment recaps, census reports, spreadsheets, and many others. These reports can be exported from BeneTrac in either MS Access or MS Excel format, allowing HR to manipulate BeneTrac data using the tools of their choice.

Using Report FactorySM, the creation of custom reports is a simple "point and click" function. The group administrator is able to create custom reports in PDF and Excel by selecting from their custom data fields and easily save, edit and reuse. Group administrators can choose the data, column configuration, and export formats they prefer. If it is in the database, it can be extracted and configured to meet specific needs. Effective management of the group’s employee information is a reality with BeneTrac.

Can BeneTrac be configured to work with my payroll system?

BeneTrac provides a standard import/export feature for that purpose so that the need to double-key data into a mission-critical system such as payroll or HRIS is avoided, but we don't stop there. Our technology department is ready and willing to help you connect to other systems according to your specifications.

How long has BeneTrac been around?

The BeneTrac team has worked continuously on electronic enrollment and benefits administration for years, some of them since 1987. This team is dedicated to simplifying the administration of employee benefits. We understand the value brokers bring to their clients, and we are dedicated to the long-term enhancement of that value.

How can I order the BeneTrac Service?

BeneTrac's powerful, Internet-based electronic enrollment and benefit management system is distributed through brokers and consultants. BeneTrac is the solution that brokers can bring to HR managers to meet their need to simplify the administration of employee benefits. Please contact us today to get started.

What about training?

BeneTrac provides as much training as is required at initial implementation as well as whenever additional training might be needed. Since BeneTrac is an easy-to-use system, most training is accomplished in a hands-on session online and via telephone. Employees are provided an easy to follow online Employee Access Guide.

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